Hi there!

Thanks for visiting my website The Joylogist - if you checked the "about" section, it's because you might want to have further information about this concept. Let's start with the very beginning!

In summer 2019, the idea of creating a community based on sharing happiness, good vibes, and also on focusing on fitness and health came in my mind. Actually, at that point, I wanted to start a big fitness journey and journal it but -joke on me- during the summer, a lot of changes happened in my life which made it difficult for me to create content and be constant. 

I gave up on my project during winter 2019, before really consider it again during the first 2020 lockdown here in France. I spent a whole month on my own, and my mental health really was a challenge at that time - I discovered the benefits of working out, being creative, meditating and even sometimes journaling and learned how to not feel guilty to spend a whole day playing at video games or binge-watching series. Because yep, this kind of day can happen at the condition that it doesn't become like... your everyday routine, haha *lazy sundays every single dayyyss*

Anyway, after finding again stability in my life, I kept thinking about this amazing project I had, and its main goals : raising mental health awareness, talking about physical health, fashion, self/body-care and sport in general. Because now, more than ever, these topics need to be discussed and isolation needs to be broken, people need to be and feel surrounded. And that's where this community plays a role: because I'm someone who have been used to feel lonely, and who often wished to have people to talk to, I know how it feels to be alone. And The Joylogist is here to help you feel happy, confident, healthy again - and to realize your biggest dreams and projects. Let's take control of our lives and step forward happiness. 

With love and joy,
The Joylogist